Ferramentas de máquina confiáveis que resistem
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Ferramentas de máquina confiáveis que resistem

Roda de chão truing uma locomotiva da Ferrovia Classe I

Last year saw the final wheel re-profiling cycles on the second Stanray® Underfloor Wheel Truing Machine ever built – 65 years ago!

The Stanray in question was originally installed in a Class I Railroad’s wheel set maintenance facility in June 1951. The machine kept their rolling stock safe and on track for up to three shifts a day and seven days a week ever since. The shop’s excellent operators and maintenance staff (with the support of our Customer Service Center‘s OEM parts program) deserve much of the credit for keeping this dependable machine running for so long.

The shop was not without a wheel truing machine for too long, as a remanufactured Stanray was installed in its place. Here’s hoping the new one can top the 65 years of its predecessor.




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