Customer Service Center

Depend on the NSH USA Customer Service Center (CSC) to extend the life of your machines and keep your facility productive.

Highly trained field service technicians
Simmons Wheel Borer

The Customer Service Center is ready and available to support you!

What the CSC offers:

Quarterly and Annual Preventative Maintenance Inspections
The CSC will work with you to create a preventative maintenance package that will keep your NSH USA machines running optimally and decrease the likelihood of machine down time or reduced productivity
Routine and Emergency Service
If your machine has diminished productivity or is not running, contact us so we can diagnose and correct the issue. If warranted, one of our field service technicians will travel to your facility to remedy the problem on-site.
Has there been personnel turnover or changes since your last NSH USA training course or do you just want to make sure your people are getting the most out of your machine? We will create a training program and materials to get your staff back up to speed.
Control and Software Upgrades
Our machine control systems are constantly being refined for increased ease of use and efficiency. The updates can be customized for your shop's specific needs and production goals.
Stanray OEM parts and service

NSH USA supplies original equipment manufacturer (OEM) replacement and spare parts for the complete Simmons,  Stanray®,  Hegenscheidt,  Niles, and Farrel product lines.

Our machine documentation goes back more than 100 years and includes detailed specifications of every machine ever built by NSH USA. Parts not currently in stock are manufactured from the original drawings and specifications.

Contact  the Customer Service Center today: call (518) 462-5431, or toll free at 1-855-444-7682.

The CSC can also be reached via a  web form  or by email at Be sure to provide your machine’s model and serial number so we can better address the situation.

Stay Safe and Productive by Relying on the NSH USA CSC!

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