NILES-SIMMONS TB-Series Crankshaft Turn-Broaching Machines

NILES-SIMMONS TB-Series Crankshaft Turn-Broaching Machines are robust machining centers for turn and turn-broaching operations on crankshaft bearings and other concentric features of crankshafts up to 1800 mm in length.

Symmetrical work spindles are designed as motor-driven spindles and are synchronized electronically. For this process, the work spindles are equipped with optimized bearing supports. Axial and cross slide are guided on anti-friction guideways with damping surfaces. Quick positioning of cutting tools is possible through the use of highly dynamic rotational axes. An automatic tool changer holding up to 48 tools helps locate the reversible cutting inserts faster and ensures high flexibility and long tool life.

Two temperature compensating compact turn-broaching units, each with powerful synchronous drives, allow for quick indexing of disk-shaped tools. This configuration allows for simultaneous operation of both tool disks with independent feed rates.

One work piece set-up / “closed-door machining” is achieved through adaptable clamping solutions with shaft chucks to machine flange and journal.

Niles-Simmons Crankshaft Turn-Broaching Machines

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