Niles Technical Application Center (NTAC)

The Niles Technical Application Center (NTAC) is a research and development space at NSH USA's manufacturing facility and headquarters in Albany, New York. It's where we support current and potential customers of the Niles-Simmons CNC turn-mill machining centers.

The centerpiece of NTAC is a Niles-Simmons N30 MC, a multi-axis multi-function turning center. This machine allows us to work closely with customers and perform “applications engineering” with specific workpieces. Through our partnership with Empire Dynamics, a New York-based manufacturing consulting firm, a “digital twin” of your machine or workpieces is created to develop a turnkey solution virtually. Improved productivity, reduced risk, and increased reliability and safety are all benefits of digital twin technology. New processes are also developed for proving out “closed door machining” solutions to manufacturing challenges.  

NTAC also provides opportunities for contract machining for large part machining customers with tight tolerance requirements. If you currently do not have the machinery or capacity to handle a large part machining project, contact NSH USA today for your contract manufacturing needs. 

A Niles N30 MC millturn in action

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