Stanray Wheel Truing

The Stanray® wheel truing product line has been an essential part of railway maintenance facilities since 1949. Freight and transit railways worldwide owe their wheel sets’ safe and efficient operation to the Stanray’s rugged reliability.

Stanray: The Wheel Truing Standard

Why Stanray:

Easy to operate and maintain
Cuts through wheel defects without operator intervention

The proven full profile milling technology cuts through wheel defects such as flat spots and shelling without changing cutting speed or depth, resulting in more consistent cycle times regardless of wheel wear.

Full profile milling process creates the optimal wheel profile every time
No need to undercut

Unlike turning, there’s no need to cut under wheel defects such as flat spots or skid flats, saving valuable service metal and extending the wheel set’s lifespan.

Milling process creates small chips for ease of containment and collection

And with the addition of the M-Series machines, there are now a variety of options to best fit your maintenance facility's needs.

The Stanray name means heavy duty dependability in railroading's harshest conditions.

live video tours and machine introductions

Take a guided walk through our manufacturing facility to see where our machines are manufactured, assembled, and commissioned without leaving your office or home. Check out the machines that are being constructed and tested. Your host will be available to point out specific items of interest as well as answer your questions.

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The NSH USA Customer Service Center is here to help you learn more about this rugged and dependable railway underfloor wheel truing machine and what it can do for your wheel shop.

Already have a Stanray? We offer remanufacturing and controls upgrade services to modernize your machine. We can also connect you with spare or replacement OEM parts, service, machine inspections, and training by contacting our team.


Already have a Stanray?

Contact the NSH USA Customer Service Center, we're here to help!

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