Automatic Cutter Alignment System For The Stanray Underfloor Wheel Truing Machine

The new Automatic Cutter Alignment (ACA) system for the Stanray® Underfloor Wheel Truing Machine improves railroad wheel shop safety and extends the life of rail vehicle wheel sets.

The system automatically aligns the milling cutters to the ideal cutting position, limiting the amount of metal being removed from the wheel during wheel truing. A properly re-profiled wheel also decreases the chance for wheel flange climb derailments. The easily calibrated system’s repeatability decreases the need for the operator to be under the vehicle during the wheel truing process and limits operator error.

The system does not remove the Stanray’s manual operation functionality, but rather provides a safer, consistent, and cost effective process for wheel set maintenance facilities.

The ACA is available as optional equipment for all new Stanrays. It can be retrofitted to Stanrays already in the field if the machine has Power Cutter Alignment.

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