Dennis Rymanowski: 60 Years (and Counting!) at NSH USA
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Dennis Rymanowski: 60 Years (and Counting!) at NSH USA

“It was supposed to just be a summer job.”

Five days out of high school, Dennis Rymanowski’s aunt suggested a job at the machine tool manufacturing facility where she worked as a secretary. As it was a short commute over the Hudson River from his South Troy, New York home to Menands, he took her up on the offer.

He started his career at Simmons Machine Tool Corporation (now NSH USA) on June 29, 1964 – 60 years ago!

At a time when most companies are struggling to retain employees for more than a year or two, Dennis has worked at the company for more than half of its existence.

When Dennis started at Simmons, the company was primarily rebuilding large industrial machinery (also known as machine tools) for a variety of industries. He was introduced to machine tools – which he initially thought were “just screwdrivers and wrenches” – as an office clerk, filing drawings and parts lists for the then-recently acquired Niles machine tool product line. With the new machines came a half-dozen engineers from Philadelphia who specialized in their design and manufacture. Dennis remembers his early days fondly, recalling these seasoned workers as “the smartest machining engineers I had ever worked with.” Dennis thrived in the Simmons’ culture. He greatly benefitted from the mentorship and hands-on experience with the machines he received as a young man.

Thanks to this experience, he would spend the next 60 years becoming an expert in the critical parts and sub-assemblies that make up the “elephant-sized” machines that Simmons rebuilt and supported at that time. After gaining a strong foundation of knowledge in the industry, he spent roughly 20 years as the Manager of Parts Sales. Dennis has seen a lot of change during his decades with the company, both in terms of machines and services offered as well as management (Simmons was acquired by Prof. Dr. Hans J. Naumann in 1984, who still serves as Chairman).

Rebuilt 52-inch Niles Wheel Lathe for a transit wheel set maintenance facility

Dennis currently works part-time selling parts for the company’s legacy machines, some of which have been in service for longer than his tenure: “I will get a call about needing a part for a machine, and I’ll look at my files and realize that when I last spoke to this customer, I was dealing with the caller’s father!” The drawings he filed when he started are stored in the print room next to his office and are still referred to for parts inquiries and remanufacturing projects.

According to NSH USA President/COO David William Davis, “He has an extensive knowledge of our machine tool product lines and has been critical to keeping those customers productive. Dennis has always been more than willing to share his expertise with clients as well as fellow employees.”

While Dennis’ 60 years with NSH USA is quite an achievement, there are currently 17 full-time and part-time employees that have been with the company 20 years or more.

Dennis stays busy off the clock as well. He served in the Navy for several months in the late 1960s. He was a member of the Rymanowski Brothers, a long-running polka band started by his father and uncle that performed constantly from 1948 to 2019. He is still playing polka tracks every Sunday as a DJ on Siena College’s radio station, the Saint, with his brother Gerry (who also worked at Simmons).

“The young folks here now have a good future ahead of them,” said Dennis while reflecting upon the current state of the NSH USA team.

Please join us in celebrating Dennis Rymanowski’s 60 years at NSH USA!

NSH USA Corporation manufactures specialized and multifunction precision machine tools and automation systems for railway, automotive, aerospace, and other industrial manufacturers worldwide. Founded in 1910 and based in Albany, New York, NSH USA is a member of the NSH Group (Niles-Simmons-Hegenscheidt), an international leader in machine tool technology.

Top picture: Dennis Rymanowski in 2014 in the print storage room at NSH USA
Second picture: (L-R) John Keehan, Tom Smith, and Dennis Rymanowski in front of a rebuilt 52″ Niles Wheel Lathe for a transit wheel set maintenance facility; photo taken at the NSH USA manufacturing facility in 1982

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