HVCC Manufacturing Scholarship

NSH USA is proud to offer a performance-based scholarship to Hudson Valley Community College's Advance Manufacturing Technology program.

The Advanced Manufacturing Technology program at Hudson Valley Community College (HVCC) in Troy, New York prepares graduates to achieve immediate employment working with many of today’s high-tech machining processes that produce tooling, and components used in the manufacture of everything from electronics and semi-conductors to power generators and aerospace components. Covering a wide array of areas relating to the field of precision metal, composite and plastics manufacturing, the student learns how to master the operation of milling machines, lathes, grinders, saws, drill presses and computerized machinery. Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM), math, the use of business software and process planning are integral parts of the program. Courses are offered both day and evening. For full-time day students, the program will take two years to complete.

The role of NSH USA Corporation is to sponsor a student according to the terms described below. We are currently seeking recommendations or leads for prospective full-time day students. NSH USA will interview each potential candidate and may administer an aptitude test for the Advanced Manufacturing Technology program at HVCC.

Investing in the Future

Investment in technology and especially human capital will, to a great extent, determine what companies in the Capital Region will survive, and which companies will cease to exist. Today, manufacturing companies need people with the knowledge and applied skills to do a multitude of jobs, not just a few. Manufacturing companies need people who are trained in the latest technological fields that include CAD, CAM and all aspects of conventional and computerized machining technology. The employee of today and tomorrow needs to be fluent in the use of all the latest business software in order to integrate his or her technical knowledge and skills into the overall business framework. In-short, company executives will need the graduates of HVCC’s Advanced Manufacturing Technology program. HVCC has invested in the facilities, the latest manufacturing machine tools and computer technology in order to train your present and future employees. HVCC runs both a two-year full-time day program suited for the recent high-school graduate and a four – year evening program for those older employees already on the payroll but needing to update their knowledge and skill sets. In short, the HVCC Advanced Manufacturing Technology program can be your main source for educating the employees you will need in order to compete in today’s manufacturing world.

Simmons Machinist preparing for 5-axis machining

How does the scholarship work?

  1. Working with regional high schools or BOCES programs, NSH USA will identify a new graduate or graduates they would wish to sponsor for a performance-based scholarship. NSH USA will also work with individuals who are interested in pursuing the AMT program as an incoming or current student.
  2. The potential student will enter into an agreement with NSH USA to enroll in HVCC’s full-time day Advanced Manufacturing Technology program. The student will pay for all books, tuition, and related fees for each semester.
  3. Upon completion of each semester, the student will submit a copy of their official grades and semester receipts for books, tuition, and related fees paid to the sponsoring company.
  4. NSH USA will in turn immediately reimburse the student for 100% of the costs of tuition, books (including online books), and fees if the student attained a GPA of 3.51-4.0, 75% for a GPA of 3.0-3.50, 50% for a GPA of 2.51-2.99 and 25% for a GPA of 2.0-2.50. Any GPA below 1.99 would negate any payment to the student by NSH USA and disqualify the student from the program.
  5. NSH USA would also agree to employ the student part-time (no more than 15 hours/week) and an increased number of hours per week when classes are not in session.
  6. NSH USA would also agree to hire the student upon graduation from the program.
  7. If the student decides not to stay with NSH USA as an employee after the program has ended for at least two years, the student would be liable to reimburse NSH USA in full for scholarship monies paid out by NSH USA. Credit for such continued employment shall not include any period of voluntary unpaid leave of absence or any period of suspension or termination of employment for violation of policies, disciplinary issues, or job performance reasons. Any repayment obligation shall be reduced on a pro rata basis in the event that student’s employment is terminated by NSH USA, other than for violation of policies, disciplinary issues, or job performance reasons, prior to the student’s complete fulfillment of the employment continuation obligation. However, if the student is employed by NSH USA for at least two years and decides to leave they are relieved of any monetary reimbursement to NSH USA.

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