Niles-Simmons SG-803/2 CNC Axle Grinder

The Niles-Simmons CNC Axle Grinding Machine (SG-803/2) is specifically designed to provide maximum performance and reliability for the precise grinding of railway axles. The machine can be easily programmed to accommodate various type of axles found in the rail industry. The machine features a hydrodynamic grinding spindle, and will accommodate a grinding wheel with maximum width of 304.8 mm (12”).

Niles-Simmons SG-803/2 CNC Axle Grinder

Machine Specifications

Download our Niles-Simmons SG-803/2 CNC Axle Grinder product data sheet — for the full machine specification, please contact the Machine Sales team.

Swing Diameter

23.6 in | 600 mm

Bed Length

157.5 in | 4000 mm

Maximum Work Piece Length

98.4 in | 2500 mm

Maximum Work Piece Weight

3306.9 lbs | 1500 kg

Maximum Grinding Diameter

20 in | 508 mm

Minimum Grinding Diameter

0.394 in | 10 mm

Plunge Angle

15 degrees

Drive Power

100% ED | 37 kW

Maximum Disc Speed

164 feet per second | 50 m/s

Disc Diameter

35.98 in | 914 mm

Disc Width

12 in | 305 mm

Bed (Z-axis)

0-590.55 in./s | 0-15000 mm/s

Grinding Slide (X-axis)

0-590.55 in./s | 0-15000 mm/s

Turning Head Size, DIN 55026


Maximum Torque on Main Spindle Drive

258.15 ft. lbs | 350 Nm

Quill Diameter

7.09 in | 180 mm

Quill Travel

5.91 in | 150 mm

Tailstock, Quill Center

MK 6

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