BDP-070 Bearing Demount Press

The Simmons Bearing Demount Press (BDP-070) automatically removes bearings from the axle journals of a railway wheel set. First the height of the jaws is adjusted to the incoming wheel set diameter. The wheel sets then roll into the press from shop rails onto the carriage. The carriage supports the wheel set and moves it precisely to the left and right cylinder beams with a motor-driven rack and pinion. With the wheel set in the correct position, the jaws swing in behind the bearing backing ring where a hydraulic ram pushes a mandrel through the bearing. Once the bearing is removed from the wheel set, the jaws open and the bearing rests on the mandrel for removal. The process is then repeated for the other side before the wheel set is pushed through the machine onto shop rails.

Railway Bearing Demount Press

The press can be supplied for fully automatic or semi-automatic operation, depending on the customer’s production requirement. The removed bearings can be handled in a number of ways. Optional equipment is available to manage the removed bearings either manually or automatically.

Machine Specifications

Download our BDP-070 Bearing Demount Press product data sheet — for the full machine specification, please contact the Machine Sales team.

Cycle Time

 2 minutes load to unload

Ram Stroke Press Stroke

 17 in. | 432 mm

Ram Extend Speed

105 in/min | 2667 mm/min

Ram Retract Speed

 155 in/min | 3937 mm/min

Demounting Force

 70 short tons | 63.5 metric tons

Electrical Power

32 kW

Hydraulic Reservoir

60 US gallons | 227 liters

Maximum Wheel Diameter

42 in. | 1067 mm

Minimum Wheel Diameter

28 in. | 711 mm

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