Simmons BMP-070 Bearing Mount Press

The Simmons BMP-070 Bearing Mount Press automatically aligns and presses bearing onto railway axles at the proper tonnage. An integrated measuring system can be included to compensate for various wheel diameters to maintain proper center location.

Mounting tonnage is controlled hydraulically by pressure control to assure bearings are not damaged by excessive force while mounting. Wheel sets roll into the press on customer shop rails and are captured on the press centerline. The bearings are placed on a mandrel, which is mechanically aligned with the bearing mounting tool for various bearing configurations. The bearings are then pressed into place and set at the manufacturer’s recommended tonnage. After the mounting operation is complete, the wheel set is escaped at the rear of the machine via the customer shop rail system. Tooling is supplied per customer product specification.

Automated Bearing Mount Press

The press can be supplied for fully automatic or semi-automatic operation, depending on the customer’s production requirement. There is also an optional Bearing Press Recorder available, which automatically captures the mount force versus distance graph and store that data along with wheel set information entered by the operator.

Machine Specifications

Download the BMP-070 Bearing Mount Press product data sheet — for the full machine specification, please contact the Machine Sales team.

Cycle Time

 1 minute (excluding bearing handling)

Bearing Size

All AAR Bearing Sizes

Ram Press Stroke

432 mm

Maximum Operating Force

63.5 metric tons

Electrical Power

32 kW

Hydraulic Reservoir

227 liters

Maximum Wheel Diameter

1067 mm

Minimum Wheel Diameter

711 mm

Maximum Axle Length

2591 mm

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