Simmons ATL-200/400 CNC Axle Lathe

The Simmons ATL-200/400 CNC Axle Lathe finish turns the wheel seats, bearing journal fillets, and upset axle ends of an axle for new production as well as for reclaiming of axles (which involves finish turning of wheel seats only).

For reclaiming operations, the lathe can be fitted with an automatic probing system designed to measure the diameter of each axle wheel seat and calculate the target diameter. Optional tool post mounted burnishing rollers are available for surface finish improvement. The lathe can be equipped with an optional elevator that is electrically actuated and designed to interface with material handling systems for automatic loading and unloading of axles. The axle drive system consists of end face drivers and a compressible center. The ATL-200 is an economical single carriage lathe. The ATL-400 has dual independent carriages for high production requirements.

Simmons CNC Axle Lathe

The machine’s headstock is fixed while the tailstock moves automatically to chuck the axle and accommodate a range of axle lengths. Various tooling options are available for fully automatic turning of new and used plain bearing and roller bearing axles. The machine is specifically designed for continuous duty service and can be configured for many applications including semi-finish turning, finishing turning, roller burnishing, and bearing journal chamfering. All of these metalworking processes are performed without the use of coolant.

Machine Specifications

Download the Simmons ATL-200/400 CNC Axle Lathe product data sheet — for the full machine specification, please contact the Machine Sales team.

ATL-200 Cycle Time (single carriage)
Probe and turn wheel seats only

5.8 minutes

ATL-400 Cycle Time (dual carriage)
Probe and turn wheel seats only

3.5 minutes

Maximum Depth of Cut

3.0 mm


+/- 0.00254 mm


+/- 0.0051 mm


+/- 0.0051 mm

Positioning Repeatability

+/- 0.00254 mm

Rapid Traverse Cross Slide

4 m/min

Rapid Traverse Carriage

4 m/min

Feed (Maximum)

0.762 mm/rev

Spindle Speed (Maximum)

600 RPM

ATL-200 Electrical Power

69 kW

ATL-400 Electrical Power

79 kW

Compressed Air

80 psi @ 10 scfm (<5% duty cycle)

Maximum Axle Length

2600 mm

Minimum Axle Length

1600 mm

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