Hegenscheidt U2000-400 Underfloor Wheel Lathe

The Hegenscheidt Underfloor Wheel Lathe (U2000-400) is a pit-mounted CNC wheel lathe that is easy to use and maintain. Its design represents the highest level of wheel set machining technology.

The machine’s high degree of use, precision, long service life, and minimal maintenance costs guarantee ideal cost-effectiveness. The U2000-400 utilizes fully automatic positioning, machining, and measuring processes. The turning technology combined with CNC control and related set-up automation makes it easy to change from one wheel profile to the next if required. The machine is available in single and tandem machine versions. The U2000-400D is a tandem underfloor wheel lathe capable of machining two wheel sets simultaneously.

Tandem Hegenscheidt Underfloor Wheel Lathe

The machine is installed in a pit. The wheel sets to be reprofiled are brought into the machine via the supply rails (if still attached to the vehicle) or by crane (if removed from the vehicle). For reprofiling, the wheel sets are driven by friction rollers pushing on the running surfaces. The high dynamic stiffness of clamped wheel sets required to produce the highest possible machining precision is guaranteed by the radial centering of the axle bearing box. Lateral positioning of the wheel set is executed by the use of axial guide rollers. The machine is operated from a central control panel, which enables the operator to have constant access to all machine functions. During machining, the operator is protected from flying chips. The automated machining takes most of the work from the operator’s hands, making the machine easy to operate.

Machine Specifications

Download the Hegenscheidt U2000-400 Underfloor Wheel Lathe product data sheet — for the full machine specification, please contact the Machine Sales team.

Maximum Diameter Difference Between Wheels of a Wheel Set*

+/- 0.1 mm
*Applicable to non-resilient wheels

Maximum Diameter Difference Between Wheels of a Bogie*

+/- 0.3 mm
*Applicable to non-resilient wheels

Maximum Radial Runout on Wheel Set*

+/- 0.1 mm
*Applicable to non-resilient wheels

Maximum Cutting Speed, Machining

70 m/min

Optional Equipment

Machining of Coupled Wheel Sets
Machining of Brake Disks
Dust and Smoke Extraction Systems
Slippage Monitoring
Data Acquisition System
Remote Diagnostics
Camera System
Remote Operation Station
Inner and Outer Wheel Surfacing/Planing
Auto Lubrication
Calibration Wheel Set

Rated Power (Per Machine)

96 KVA

Maximum Wheel Tread Diameter*

1400 mm
*Pending engineering review

Minimum Wheel Tread Diameter*

350 mm
*Pending engineering review

Maximum Axle Load

400 kN

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