WTC-250 Wheel Turning Center

The Simmons Wheel Turning Center (WTC-250) is a robust wheel borer for boring and machining railway wheels in high production wheel shops. The machine structure consists of mineral polymer composite castings for maximum rigidity and vibration absorbing properties.

Wheel Boring Machine integrated measurement

The bridge straddles the wheel while cutting for optimal stiffness. Front-to-back motion is achieved by dual ball screws and dual absolute linear encoders. The ram is carried in box ways and fitted with a heavy-duty quick change tool interface. An automatic tool changer provides for redundancy and increased productivity. Single point tooling supplies considerable flexibility. The integrated measurement system allows for pre-machining workpiece measuring and user-selectable degrees of post-machining part verification.

The WTC-250 is also available as an "mc" version that additionally provides live tooling for drill and tap and/or oil hole drilling, bringing those functionalities into one versatile machine.

The Siemens CNC control is provided with a NSH USA HMI utilizing railway wheel shop terminology, eliminating the need for operators to learn typical machine tool programming language. The system easily interfaces with other systems to receive wheel and axle information; it will additionally store production and dimensional results as desired.

Benefits of the WTC-250

High torque, shaft driven, geared table with constant surface speed capability
Wide range of wheel diameters automatically chucked without manually adjusting jaw tops
Full sheet metal guarding and maximized internal slops for exceptional chip management safety
Flexible configuration: the chip conveyor can exit front, back, left, or right - the hmi and power/control cabinet can additionally be located on either side

Machine Specifications

Download our Simmons Wheel Turning Center (WTC-250) product data sheet — for the full machine specification, please contact the Machine Sales team.


143 in  |  3630 mm


101 in  |  2560 mm


114 in  |  2900 mm


40000 lbs.  |  18000 kg

X Axis Travel

55 in  |  1400 mm

Z Axis Travel

16 in  |  406 mm

Table Range, Fully Automatic (Diameter)

12 in  |  305 mm

Maximum Cutting Diameter

53 in  |  1350 mm

Maximum Cutting Height

12 in  |  300 mm

Maximum Wheel Weight

5500 lbs  |  2500 kg

Maximum Wheel Diameter (Standard Jaws)*

*Other sizes possible with custom jaws
44 in  |  1120 mm

Minimum Wheel Diameter (Standard Jaws)*

*Other sizes possible with custom jaws
28 in  |  710 mm

Electrical Power

138 kW


90 psi @ 18.5 SCFM   |  6.2 bar @ 525 SLPM

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