NILES-SIMMONS RQ/RQQ Wheel Machining Centers

The NILES-SIMMONS RQ/RQQ Wheel Machining Centers are CNC vertical lathes for the heavy duty production of railway wheels. Robust design, use of heavy-duty cutting tools with Capto C10 interface, and automatic tool change ensure optimal machining of forged or hot-rolled wheels.

The machine can be configured with one (RQ) or two turning tool posts (RQQ) to best match your production goals.

Niles-Simmons RQ for railway wheel production

Machine Benefits

These machines offer numerous benefits including:

Roughing and finishing combined in one machine
Automatic tool changer with one 12 pocket tool magazine per turning tool post
Simultaneous tool change into tool magazine during machining time possible
C10 / HSK100 tool interface for long service life
Intuitive control system utilizing Siemens 840 Dsl Operate
Configured for fully automatic work piece loading and unloading

Machine Specifications

Download the NILES-SIMMONS RQ/RQQ Wheel Machining Centers product data sheet — for the full machine specification, please contact the Machine Sales team.

Maximum Swing Diameter

1900 mm

Maximum Work Piece Diameter

1600 mm

Clamping Diameter (Range)

520-1500 mm

Clamping Stroke

82 mm

Maximum Work Piece Weight

2000 kg

RQ Maximum Drive Power

120 kW

RQQ Maximum Drive Power

207 kW

RQ/RQQ Speed Range

1-360 rpm

Maximum Torque

33 kNm

Rapid Feed

 24 m/min

Maximum Cutting Force

30 kN

Maximum Slide Travel (Z-Axis)

1000 mm

Maximum Slide Range (X-Axis)

1325 mm

Maximum Slide Range (RQQ 2nd X-Axis)

1325 mm

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