Simmons WLD-300 Wheel Manipulator

The Simmons WLD-300 Wheel Manipulator is designed to interface with the Simmons wheel boring machines. The manipulator is constructed with a sturdy steel base and vertical column that supports a saddle/jaw assembly. The base is bolted to the wheel shop floor, and the column supports the saddle assembly which contains the wheel clamping jaws.

Wheel Boring Machine Wheel Manipulator


The saddle and jaw assembly can turn a full 246 degrees. A hydraulic motor provides the power for turning.

The Wheel Manipulator uses a dedicated hydraulic unit mounted to the saddle.

Machine Specifications

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Machine Weight

3628 kg

Machine Height

3162.3 mm

Swing Radius of Saddle

1828.8 mm

Min. Pick-up Height from Stack

826 mm

Max. Load Height

1639 mm

Hydraulic Pump Motor

10 GP x 1800 RPM  |  7.5 kW


873 kg

Overall Floor Space

1003 mm x 2314 mm

Conveyor Speed

9144 mm / min

Centering Device Speed

914 mm / 20 sec

Conveyor Drive Motor

2 hp  | 1.5 kW

Centering Drive Motor

1 hp  |  0.75 kW


3628 kg

Overall Floor Space

1575 mm x 2407 mm

Lift Range

914 mm

Lift Speed

914 mm / 30 sec

Tilt Speed

90 deg / 60 sec

Lift Motor

1 hp  |  0.75 kW

Tilt Motor

1 hp  |  0.75 kW

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