Simmons DCP-400/600 Dual End Combination Wheel Press

The Simmons DCP-400/600 Dual End Combination Press mounts and demounts wheels, bearings, gearboxes, and other railway wheel set components. Its versatility eliminates the need for multiple machines. The press offers the freedom to control pressing speed and tonnage while also providing rapid extend/retract traverse speeds, allowing for the fastest possible setup and breakdown time in between pressing operations. All tooling is specialized and easily exchanged to safely accommodate a large variety of wheel set components and configurations. Installation is straightforward, as the press is flat-floor-mounted – no civil work is required. The on-demand hydraulic power unit provides maximum energy efficiency and reduced noise. The press is available as a 600 ton pressing force model or a derated 400 ton system for customers with lower capacity requirements.

Simmons Wheel Press: The DCP-400/600 Dual End Combination Press

Wheel set components can be loaded and unloaded with the aid of an optional overhead crane system and wheel set handling cart. The wheel set is held between centers throughout mounting and demounting operations. Both the swing-in yoke and abutments are positioned under power. A precision wheel press recorder captures the mount force versus distance graph, storing the data along with wheel set information entered by the operator in accordance with AAR, APTA, and other international standards. The optional overhead measuring system monitors the position of the gearbox, wheels, and other components as needed. The press’ controls are intuitive for safe and efficient operation.

Press operation rates are variable due to the variety of wheel sets that can be processed. Rates can range from 8 – 32 wheel sets per 8-hour shift depending on wheel set complexity and the number of components and operations necessary per wheel set.

Machine Specifications

Download the Simmons DCP-400/600 Dual End Combination Wheel Press product data sheet — for the full machine specification, please contact the Machine Sales team.

Press Length

7297 mm

Press Width

3159 mm

Press Height

2248 mm

Total Weight (Including HPU)

31000 kg

Vertical Distance Between Tie Bars

1524 mm

Ram Stroke

914 mm

Max. Opening Between Ram Faces (Without Tools)

3759 mm

Max. Opening Between Ram Faces (With Standard Tools)

2946 mm


8-32 wheel sets per 8-hour shift

DCP-600 Maximum Pressing Force

5330 kN

DCP-400 Maximum Pressing Force

3558 kN

Rapid Ram Extend Speed

55 mm/s

Rapid Ram Retract Speed

55 mm/s

Maximum Pressing Speed

7.6 mm/s

Electrical Power

65 kW

Maximum Wheel Diameter

1320 mm

Minimum Wheel Diameter

600 mm

Maximum Axle Length

2590 mm

Maximum Axle Diameter

265 mm

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