DDP-600 Wheel Demount Press

The Simmons Dual End Demount Press (DDP-600) disassembles wheels from wheel sets. The machine consists of a hydraulic cylinder beam assembly at each end of the press, which can be anchored to concrete pedestals or fabricated risers on the shop floor.

The press cylinders are equipped with centers and are extended such that the wheel set is supported by its centers throughout the demounting process. Both rams have embedded distance transducers to provide ram and axle position information to the operator at all times. One ram extends until the first wheel contacts the center abutment. As the ram continues to extend, the wheel is pressed off the wheel seat. The demount process is then repeated by extending the opposite cylinder until the second wheel is pressed off.

Wheel Demount Press, Dual End

The press is capable of demounting a wheel set in 90 seconds. The load/unload time varies depending on the optional handling equipment selected. A typical transfer crane system will add approximately 210 seconds to the cycle time for the combined loading and unloading processes. The press can be recessed into the floor to optimize the working height of the press or facilitate material movement. It can also be used entirely above floor to minimize the installation costs.

Machine Specifications

Download our DDP-600 Wheel Demount Press product data sheet — for the full machine specification, please contact the Machine Sales team.

Press Length

411 in | 10.44 m

Press Width

275 in | 6.99 m

Press Height (without pit)

90 in | 2290 mm

Total Weight (Including HPU)

40000 lbs | 18200 kg

Distance Between Tie Bars

54 in | 1371 mm

Ram Stroke

31.5 in | 800 mm

Cycle Time (Demounting Only)

90 seconds

Maximum Pressing Force

600 short tons | 5330 kN

Ram Extend Speed

120 in/min | 50 mm/s

Ram Retract Speed

140 in/min | 60 mm/s

Maximum Pressing Speed

11 in/min | 4.5 mm/s

Electrical Power

45 kW

Maximum Wheel Diameter

48 in | 1219 mm

Minimum Wheel Diameter

28 in | 711 mm

Maximum Axle Length

102 in | 2590 mm

Maximum Axle Diameter

10.5 in | 265 mm

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