SCP-400 Single End Combination Wheel Press

The Simmons Single End Combination Press (SCP-400) mounts and demounts railway wheel sets. The press uses a moveable abutment to oppose the pressing forces from the single pressing cylinder. The abutment can be positioned as necessary for both mounting and demounting operations by removing two powered locking pins, freeing it to be positioned either manually or with the aid of an optional on-board controller. Swing-in tooling is mounted to both the abutment and the pressing ram. This tooling is manually positioned by the operator.

The wheel set is loaded manually with the aid of an overhead crane system, and is held on elevators throughout mounting and demounting operations. The Wheel Press Recorder will automatically capture the mount force versus distance graph and store that data along with wheel set information entered by the operator. After the components on one end of the wheel set are mounted or demounted, the operator then uses the overhead crane to turn the wheel set end-to-end. The process is repeated to process the remaining components.

Wheel press for railway wheel sets

Press operation rates are variable due to the variety of wheel sets that can be processed. Rates can range from 8–32 wheel sets per 8-hour shift depending on wheel set complexity and the number of components and operations necessary per wheel set. The press can move to position within a 0.020 inch or 500 micron accuracy. Spike control is provided, allowing components to press up against an axle feature as a means of positioning.

Machine Specifications

Download our SCP-400 Single End Combination Wheel Press product data sheet — for the full machine specification, please contact the Machine Sales team.

Press Length

273 in. | 6934 mm

Press Width

280 in. | 7122 mm

Press Height

88 in. | 2235 mm

Total Weight

34000 lbs. | 15500 kg

Vertical Distance Between Tie Bars

60 in. | 1524 mm

Ram Stroke

26 in. | 660 mm

Maximum Opening, Ram (Retracted) To Abutment

109 in. | 2768 mm

Minimum Opening, Ram (Retracted) To Abutment

35 in. | 2946 mm

Electrical Power

52 kW

Maximum Wheel Diameter

52 in. | 1320 mm

Minimum Wheel Diameter

24 in. | 600 mm

Maximum Axle Length

102 in. | 2590 mm

Maximum Axle Diameter

10.5 in. | 265 mm

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