Simmons WSM-430 Bearing Journal Measurement System

The Simmons WSM-430 Bearing Journal Measurement System is a metrology machine that automatically inspects the outboard bearing journals of used railroad wheel sets to determine if they are reusable, if the axle should be discarded, or if axle repair is possible. The WSM-430 measures bearing journal diameter and taper, upset ends of a bearing journal, profile deviation, and bent axle condition. Measurements are stored in a local database at the machine or can be networked to transfer the data to a remote server. If interfaced with a facility supervision system, those measurements can be used to automatically route the wheel set for maintenance.

Bearing Journal Measurement Machine

Wheel sets are delivered to the WSM-430 via shop rails. Once captured, hydraulically operated lifts on each end of the machine pick up the axle on the bearing journals and raise it into measuring position. The horizontal axis on each side of the machine is extended to place the profile measurement gauge on the dust guard in order to measure the bearing journal profile. The profile can be measured in up to four locations around the circumference of the bearing journal. The wheel set is then rotated continuously while the diameters and runout are measured in two or more locations. The measurement results for both wheels will be displayed on local HMI and saved to the database. The control system will then determine what subsequent operations are required.

Machine Specifications

Download the Simmons WSM-430 Bearing Journal Measurement System product data sheet — for the full machine specification, please contact the Machine Sales team.

Cycle Time

4 minutes

Journal Diameter Measurement Repeatability

+/- 0.0025 mm

Journal Fillet Profile Deviation Measurement Repeatability

+/- 0.025 mm

*Applicable up to maximum ambient temperature change of +/-10°C

Electrical Power

22 kW

Maximum Wheel Diameter

965 mm

Minimum Wheel Diameter

711 mm

Maximum Axle Length

2286 mm

Minimum Axle Length

2159 mm

Maximum Bearing Journal Diameter

180 mm

Minimum Bearing Journal Diameter

130 mm

Maximum “U” Dimension

1778 mm

Maximum Weight

1820 kg

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