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New NILES-SIMMONS Technology Wins Video

The NILES-SIMMONS N30 MC TurnMill CNC multi-axis machining center, which was installed at the NTAC (Niles Technical Application Center) in 2021, continues to be a platform for both NSH USA’s internal production as well as customer support.

In a new video, NSH USA Applications Engineer Jonathan Underwood discusses some of the “Technology Wins” that we have realized while he and his team programmed and operated the machine, and how this knowledge is passed to our NILES-SIMMONS MC-Series machine customers throughout North America. Underwood examines topics such as the Closed Door Machining Principle, the Cut Measure Cut process, and successful implementation of Digital Twin Technology.

Part 2 of this video of the NILES-SIMMONS turning-boring-milling machine can be found here. There will be more videos in this series, so be on the lookout – and enjoy!

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