NSH USA expands Automotive and Aerospace presence in North America
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NSH USA expands Automotive and Aerospace presence in North America

NSH USA Corporation continues to expand its presence in the North American Automotive and Aerospace industries through a number of initiatives.

Demolition of the existing structure next to NSH USA’s manufacturing facility and headquarters in Albany, New York will begin soon, which then clears the way for construction of NTAC: the Niles Technical Applications Center. The NILES-SIMMONS N30 MC and N20 MC TurnMill machines currently in use at NSH USA will eventually be installed in that center for continued customer demonstrations and digital twin testing.

NSH USA’s manufacturing facility in Sterling Heights, Michigan will now house HTAC: the Hegenscheidt Technical Applications Center. This center is available for demonstrations of Hegenscheidt deep rolling and straightening machines which increase the fatigue strength and life of critical components such as crankshafts (or other critical mechanical components). The center is currently equipped with a Hegenscheidt 7893R Deep Rolling and Straightening Machine – a premium solution for the deep rolling and straightening of automotive crankshafts with larger machines available for crankshafts used in locomotives, diesel generator sets, marine diesels, and other heavy-duty applications. The center additionally contains a manufacturing cell to produce tooling for our North American customers.

“This is an exciting and pivotal moment – not just for everyone at NSH USA and the NSH Group, but also for the Aerospace and Internal Combustion Engine industries,” said NSH USA President & COO David William Davis. “As the industry changes, we are anticipating and adapting to new developments while also finding innovative ways to support our long-time customers.”

NSH USA Corporation manufactures specialized and multifunction precision machine tools and automation systems for railway, automotive, aerospace, and other industrial manufacturers worldwide. Founded in 1910 and based in Albany, New York, NSH USA is a member of the NSH Group (Niles-Simmons-Hegenscheidt), an international leader in machine tool technology.

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