Product Development: The Stanray Milling Cutter Body
Product Development

Product Development: The Stanray Milling Cutter Body

The Stanray® TN-84C Wheel Truing Machine has been an important tool in wheel set maintenance facilities worldwide for decades. Its simplicity in design combined with its ability to effectively manage extreme wheel wear conditions makes it the wheel truing standard for freight and heavy rail locomotives.

And while the basic concept of the Stanray has remained largely unchanged, we at Simmons are constantly working on making all aspects of the process more automated, efficient, and precise.

This spirit of innovation threads all the way back through to the initial manufacturing process. At our manufacturing facility in Albany, New York, Simmons currently employs state-of-the art digital manufacturing practices such as 5-Axis CNC machining to create the sub-assemblies for the Stanray like the milling cutter body. Building off the proven full-profile milling concept, our skilled engineers and manufacturing employees are working to improve the cutter body’s design. The goal is to increase production without sacrificing the heavy duty reliability that the Stanray is known for.

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