Simmons Installs TTC’s First Tandem Underfloor Wheel Lathe Machine

Simmons Installs TTC’s First Tandem Underfloor Wheel Lathe Machine

Transit rail vehicle on underfloor wheel lathe

Simmons Machine Tool Corporation has spent a lot of time in Toronto recently, installing an underfloor wheel lathe for the Toronto Transit Commission. The Hegenscheidt U2000-400D Tandem Underfloor Wheel Lathe resides in the Wilson Carhouse and is the first tandem underfloor wheel truing machine to support the maintenance of TTC’s subway cars.

TTC’s rapid transit rolling stock fleet has undergone significant changes in the past few years, particularly with the introduction of the Toronto Rocket subway cars. The vehicle’s new design requires a wheel truing machine that can produce a finished wheel profile within the manufacturer’s tight tolerances. It also has to be highly productive so the vehicle can quickly return to supporting one of the largest commuter rail infrastructures in North America. TTC and Buttcon Limited, the construction company currently working on expanding the Wilson wheel maintenance shop, turned to Simmons, who, together with our sister companies in the NSH Group, are international leaders in underfloor technology. TTC and Simmons have a long-standing relationship, as just one bay over from the new U2000-400D is a trusted Stanray® Underfloor Wheel Truing Machine, which was installed in 1996.

Installation is about to begin on another U2000-400D underfloor wheel lathe across town at the Ashbridge’s Bay Carhouse – so Simmons looks forward to keeping Toronto on track for years to come.

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