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Simmons Presents Wheel Truing 101 & InfoZone at Wheel Rail Interaction Conference May 2013

Simmons presents “Wheel Truing 101” principles course and automated heavy haul wheel set maintenance InfoZone.

Simmons’ Roger D. Collen will present a principles course in “Wheel Truing 101”, which will cover various wheel truing methods including wheel set measuring. Technologies such as milling, turning, and laser measuring will be reviewed. Simmons will further present at WRI’s InfoZone automated heavy haul wheel shops and the company’s processes integrating wheel shop machining processes to reduce human error, maximize throughput, and reduce misfits to better than 0.1% of total production. “With the most experience in designing automated maintenance wheel shops throughout the world, Simmons has developed a computer controlled process which minimizes defects and misfits. Production statistics, complete part tracking and fault diagnosis of every machine and automation unit is possible with Simmons’ Production Control System or PCS”, says Simmons President, David William Davis.

The Wheel Rail Interaction Conference is designed to inform and educate professionals who work for railroads, transit agencies, contractors, and consulting firms. The conference focuses on the complex and critical interaction between the wheel and the rail (vehicle/track). It brings together researchers, suppliers and professionals who hear technical papers presented, learn about new products and services, and get a chance to network with experts in this field. Attendees leave with the latest information about new and existing technologies.

This year’s conference will include three freestanding seminars: Rail Transit Seminar, Principles Course, and Heavy Haul Seminar. More information is available at the conference web site:

“After 18 years, the Wheel Rail Interaction Conference attendees still amaze me,” said Gordon Bachinsky, founder of Wheel Rail Seminars (producer of the conference). “These dedicated people from all areas of the railway/transit industry are incredibly focused on learning and interacting with each other. The concentration of knowledge in this group is invaluable and presents a great opportunity for learning to both new and veteran members of our industry.”

The 19th Wheel Rail Interface Seminar (WRI 2013) will take place in Chicago from May 6-9, 2013. Attendee details and information can be found at or contact Director of Operations: Brandon Koenig, +1.847.808.1818,

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