Wheel Rail Interaction (WRI) 2021
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Wheel Rail Interaction (WRI) 2021

NSH USA Corporation is attending the 2021 Wheel Rail Interaction (WRI) Conference October 18-21 in Chicago. On the first day of the Heavy Haul Seminar, NSH USA President David William Davis and Product Manager – Wheel Truing and Reprofiling Machines Brandon Teal will present “Wheel Truing Technology Development and Innovation”.

This talk investigates the differences between milling and turning technology, and demonstrates why milling is the technology with the most opportunity for innovation and production increases. Davis and Teal will step through the updates being made to the wheel truing process, showcasing the results of ongoing testing and looking to the future for additional innovation possibilities.

We are also a conference sponsor, so stop by our exhibition table in the ExpoZone to discuss new wheel set maintenance and production projects.

The annual Wheel Rail Interaction (WRI) Conference informs and educates professionals working for freight railroads, transit agencies, contractors, and consulting firms. The conference focuses on the complex and critical interaction between the wheel and the rail. It brings together researchers, suppliers, and professionals who hear technical papers presented, learn about new products and services, and get a chance to network with experts in the field. The conference includes three different seminars: the Rail Transit Seminar, the Principles Course, and the Heavy Haul Seminar.

For more information on the conference, please visit their website: wheel-rail-seminars.com.

See you in Chicago!

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