Wheel Truing Innovation Paper Now Available
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Wheel Truing Innovation Paper Now Available

At the Railway Interchange 2019 event, Brandon Teal (NSH USA Product Manager, Wheel Truing/Reprofiling) will present “Innovations in Wheel Set Profile Maintenance”. The presentation examines the history and function of wheel truing in the railway wheel set maintenance process as well as innovations to the technology, focusing on current changes and updates being made at NSH USA to the Stanray® Wheel Truing Machine product line.

Brandon’s presentation takes place at 9:45 AM on Tuesday, September 24 during the RSI Education & Technical Training Conference as part of the LMOA (Locomotive Maintenance Officers Association) track.

For those of you unable to attend the session or simply cannot wait until September, you can read the paper that the presentation is based on now. “Wheel Truing Technology Development and Innovation” was written by David William Davis (President & COO), Chris Johnson (Manufacturing Engineer), Jason Steven Murphy (Marketing Specialist), and Brandon Teal (Product Manager, Wheel Truing/Reprofiling).

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