Simmons BJL-100 Bearing Journal Lubrication Station

The Simmons BJL-100 Bearing Journal Lubrication Station automatically applies bearing mounting lubricant and rust inhibitor to the bearing journal and dust guard fillet of railway wheel sets.

The station’s controls and utilities are shared with a nearby Simmons Bearing Mount Press to ensure that both lubrication and mounting occur as one process to prevent drying of the lubricant. Wheel sets enter the BJL-100 and are presented to a set of spray nozzles; the wheel set spins under these nozzles as they apply the lubricant and rust inhibitor. Once they are applied, the wheel set is transferred to the bearing mount press. This process will not begin until the press has signaled that it is ready for the next wheel set. The BJL-100 is capable of lubricating railway wheel sets of varying diameters. It is a fully automated station that is interlocked with an escapement to transfer the wheel set to the Bearing Mount Press.

Automated railway bearing mount line

The lubricant nozzles are designed to prevent clogging and use air pressure to apply the lubricant to the bearing journal surface. Spraying occurs at a low pressure, virtually eliminating overspray and mist.

Machine Specifications

Download the Simmons BJL-100 Bearing Journal Lubrication product data sheet — for the full machine specification, please contact the Machine Sales team.

Cycle Time

Under 1 minute

Electrical Power

2.4 kW

Compressed Air

65 psi @ 53 scfm | 4.5 bar @ 1500 slpm

Spray Pressure

5-15 psi | 0.3-1.03 bar

Maximum Wheel Diameter

1067 mm

Minimum Wheel Diameter

711 mm

Maximum Axle Length

2286 mm

Maximum Weight

1820 kg

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