Simmons AXM-210 Axle Measurement Station

The Simmons AXM-210 Axle Measurement System automatically measures the wheel seat diameter of a railway axle to provide data to the wheel boring machine(s) when cutting wheel bores for making a wheel set. The machine eliminates the chance of human errors and closes the feedback loop in the Simmons automated mount cell process. It measures the diameter of both wheel seats simultaneously, producing a maximum cycle time of 2 minutes (excluding axle loading and unloading).

Railway axle measuring machine

The AXM-210 can also function as a standalone machine and the measurement results can be stored to a database hosted locally on the machine or hosted remotely on the customer’s server.

Machine Specifications

Download the Simmons AXM-210 Axle Measurement System product data sheet — for the full machine specification, please contact the Machine Sales team.


+/- 0.0025 mm


+/- 0.005 mm

Total Indicated Runout

+/- 0.025 mm

Electrical Power Requirement

22 kW

Compressed Air

80 psi @ 1 scfm

Maximum Axle Diameter

257 mm

Minimum Axle Diameter

129 mm

Maximum Axle Length

2591 mm

Minimum Axle Length

1524 mm

Maximum Weight

909 Kg

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