Simmons Presents “Automation For The Modern Wheel Shop” at 2015 Wheel Rail Interaction Conference
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Simmons Presents “Automation For The Modern Wheel Shop” at 2015 Wheel Rail Interaction Conference

Simmons Machine Tool Corporation is attending this year’s Wheel Rail Interaction (WRI) Conference, where we will be presenting an educational session titled “Automation For The Modern Wheel Shop” as part of the Heavy Haul InfoZone. The session will cover a range of automation technology and the significance of its implementation in the modern, agile railway wheel maintenance shop. We will also be on-hand at the ExpoZone to discuss what Simmons’ machine tools and turnkey automated wheel shops can do for your railway.

WRI is designed to inform and educate professionals who work for railroads, transit agencies, contractors, and consulting firms. The conference focuses on the complex and critical interaction between the wheel and the rail (vehicle/track). It brings together researchers, suppliers and professionals who hear technical papers presented, learn about new products and services, and get a chance to network with experts in the field.

The conference includes three different seminars: the Rail Transit Seminar, the Principles Course, and the Heavy Haul Seminar.

The Heavy Haul Seminar is devoted to examining wheel/rail and vehicle/track interaction on heavy haul freight and shared-track passenger systems. The latest information on new and existing technology, and the ways in which it is being used to improve wheel/rail interaction on freight and passenger railways will be presented by some of the best minds in railroading.

For more information on the conference, which takes place May 18-21 in Atlanta, Georgia, please visit their website:

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